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Upcoming Workshops

This folder contains news about upcoming workshops, groups, classes, and other programs for our patients.

Social Work

  • Making Positive Change and Setting Goals
  • Women's Self-Esteem Group
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment Group
  • Social Anxiety Treatment Group
  • Living with Anxiety



    Social Work

    Women's Self-Esteem Group:

    A woman-centered group intended to provide a therapeutic and safe environment for women to share and explore self-esteem issues. To help women understand how self esteem impacts their lives.
    • When: to be announced
    • Time :
    • Where: Stonechurch Family Health Centre
    The group will cover some of the following topics:
    • Understanding self-esteem and how it is developed.
    • Recognizing the impact of societal/systemic messages on women's self -esteem.
    • Gaining tools to develop a healthy self-esteem (boundaries, assertiveness and anger).
    To register please contact Miriam Wolfson at 905-575-1300 or speak to your Physician/reception staff.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment Group:

    A Treatment group for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    • When: to be announced
    • Where: Stonechurch Family Health Centre
    • Who: Please contact Lynn Dykeman for registration details

    Social Anxiety Treatment Group

    This treatment group is for people with social anxiety.
    • When: to be announced
    • Where: Stonechurch Family Health Centre
    • Who: Please contact Lynn Dykeman for registration details at 905-575-1744 x 226

    Living with Anxiety

    A group for people living with anxiety and to learn anxiety managing skills.
    • The Anxiety Treatment Group is offered to all patients of Stonechurch Family Health Centre. The group is offered on Thursday Evenings from 6-8 and on Tuesdays from 1-3 and runs for 8 weeks. You need to make a commitment to attend all sessions when you enroll in the group. You can join the group on the first or second session of the group and then the group is closed. The group focuses on developing skills to manage your anxiety. It is not a group that is focused on personal sharing or self help. Each group has a structured format with the opportunity to discuss the skills being learned. There are handouts for each topic covered. You will never be put on the spot to share personal information.
    • The topics covered in the group are:
      1. Where does anxiety come from, goal setting and relaxation strategies
      2. Thinking and anxiety (CBT) and relaxation strategies
      3. Thinking and anxiety part 2 and relaxation strategies
      4. How to manage a panic attack
      5. Sleep diet and exercise
      6. Self Esteem
      7. Communication Skills
      8. Maintaining our gains and medication for anxiety
    • Free to rostered patients of Stonechurch Family Health Centre and McMaster Family Practice
    • To register: Call Lynn at 905 575-1744 ext. 226 or speak with your doctor or nurse

    Vitality Lifestyle

    The Vitality Lifestyle is a group weight management approach that helps participants learn how to eat well, be active and improve their body image and self esteem. Sessions are led by a dietitian and social worker and provide an opportunity for education, skill building and peer support. This 8 week long series is offered 2-3 times each year.

    Please contact your receptionist for registration details.

    Dates: to be announced
    Offered at Stonechurch Family Health Center
    Contact:  Dietitian - Michele MacDonald Werstuck, RD
    Phone: 905-575-1300 


    Diabetes Clinic Intro

    All new referrals to the diabetes clinic at Stonechurch Family Health Centre First Tuesday of each month Call to register, or for more information: (905) 575-1300 

    Healthy Eating for Your Heart

    Open to all rostered patients at both Stonechurch and McMaster Family Practice to learn how to improve cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Learn about the healthy foods that can improve your cholesterol and your blood pressure Four sessions will be offered between Stonechurch Family Health Centre and McMaster Family Practice (West end Clinic).  Sessions will be led by one of our dietitians. 

    **Please register with your receptionist


    Please see attached link below for further details: Healthy Living Group - Cholesterol

Location: Stonechurch Family Health Centre Our dietitians will:

    • Review your recent blood work
    • Introduce general heart healthy eating guidelines
    • Individualize nutrition strategies that will help you improve your LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Help you plan healthy meals and snacks
    • and make an action plan to help you reach your nutrition goals
    • Provide you with a follow up appointment and a lab requisition to complete 1 week before your next appointment Dietary strategies to lower blood pressure may also be covered, depending on group interest.

      To register, please call your receptionist.

    Living Well and Eating Well with Diabetes

    Introduction education sessions

    For people with diabetes: An introduction to diabetes education.

    • When: to be announced
    • Time:
    • Where: Stonechurch Family Health Centre

    An Interprofessional team of diabetes educators available to answer your diabetes questions and concerns. 

    Our Team includes a lead physician, foot care nurse, nurse practitioner, dietician, and a pharmacist with special interests in the area of diabetes education

    If you would like to attend our diabetes clinic, please call your receptionist to register

    2010 Supermarket Safari For people with type 2 diabetes. Details can be found here
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